Good price, good effect: Miseen Scene Perfect Serum

In Japan, Mr. Bae Yong-Joon was the most famous and popular Korean actor in 2003.

TV drama “ Fuyu no Sonata (Gyeoul-Yeonga/Winter Sonata)” made him known widely, then we called him “Yong-sama ”.

This is one of the reason that many Japanese travel to Korea from that time even now.

To buy cosmetics is the another reason to go on a trip to Korea.

Do you know why? Because Korean cosmetics are good price, good for ones skin, and also the package design is very cute!

I would like  to show you one of the thing which I recommend  to use.


Miseen Scene Perfect Serum Original is one of my favorite  hair oil.

This cures general damaged hair. It looks thick oil but not so oily, and makes your hair smooth and silky. Also it is very fragrant.

I challenged that before using Miseen Scene Perfect Serum, i didn’t  put any hair oil for a 10 days cause I wanted to know how different if i use it or not.

This is my hair which i use nothing after taking a shower for 10 days.

This 10 days, my hair got tangled and got knotted easily.

Then, i put Miseen Scene Perfect Serum on my hair after a bath for another 10 days.

Do you know how different it is?

I think it’s difficult to know by only these pictures, but, actually, my hair became much curl, glossy, and volumey!

 This oil will show you the effects in a few days.

Meseen scene hair oil is very useful not only for daily use but also for a travel. In foreign country, the quality of water is maybe different from yours, and became easy to get your hair tangled. So you may bring it with you.


 Also there are  many kinds of shampoo and rinse for the same series. It probably makes your hair much great if you use it together.

 Meseen Scene Perfect Serum is a good price to try to use. If you are looking for your best hair oil, don’t hesitate to try this !!!